Manx Diabetic Group

The Manx Diabetic Group

About us

The Manx Diabetic Group has been in existence since 1986. We are a Manx organisation, meaning we are an independent entity in our own right, affiliated with Diabetes UK.

The funds we raise on the Island, are used to benefit Manx diabetics.

The work we do

The Manx Diabetic Group exists to assist all type 1 & type 2 diabetics, young and old, on the Isle of Man.

We support our local Diabetes Centre at Nobles Hospital through the provision of specialist equipment and staff training, facilitating the contact between those with diabetes and their families and raising an awareness of diabetes in the wider community.

We also promote diabetes management and cure research, and occasionally provide funding for special research projects in the UK.

Aims & objectives

Our aim is to ensure that diabetics on the Isle of Man receive the best care and treatment possible.

Manx Diabetic Group
What are we doing to help acheive our aims & objectives

Funding equipment for the Diabetes Centre and other hospital departments directly linked with diabetes.

Providing support for the Paediatric Ward for younger diabetic patients.

Funding children’s educational trips and outings.

Purchasing and distributing diabetes leaflets and books free to the Diabetes Centre, Paediatric Ward, GP’s surgeries & schools.

Lobbying to alter legislation which discriminates against diabetics.

Raising awareness and funds for diabetes research.

Providing funding for hospital staff training courses specialising in diabetes.