Manx Diabetic Group
Kerry Clarke-Smith

Youth events coordinator

My grandmother became insulin-dependant in the early 1980's and suffered with constant hypos and hypers due to the severe lack of knowledge surrounding diabetes back then. 

In April 2005, my eldest daughter Anna, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 5. Our lives changed completely, and I became very aware that diabetes affects the whole family.

I believe the better educated every family member is about diabetes management, the less the child's life is affected. When we got together with other parents of diabetic children, I noticed the enormity of the exchange of information, and also the empathy. For a few hours, the families could speak 'diabetic' without boring friends!

I joined the Manx Diabetic Group in the belief that bringing diabetic people together for the exchange of support and information, is only a good thing.